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Introducing Throughline Learning 


When the Highlander Institute team embarked on a yearlong rebranding process in summer 2022, we wanted a new name that embodied the complex and comprehensive nature of our work. As we reflected on our mission, vision, and values, the concept of a “throughline” emerged and resonated deeply with the way we describe our work and organize our partnerships.

Across hundreds of multifaceted projects, our throughline has always centered on strengthening student learning experiences in order to improve student outcomes. We know that students thrive in environments where they feel valued, where lessons feel meaningful, where they are challenged, and where they feel empowered.

The classrooms of tomorrow are supportive academic communities where students engage deeply in rigorous and relevant content, become independent learners, and excel in their future pursuits.


As you weave together strategies to realize this vision, let us be your throughline.

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What we believe

Our Mission

We partner with communities to imagine and create more equitable, relevant, and effective schools. Using research, we convene, coach, and build capacity to improve outcomes and experiences for all students.

Our Vision

Students, educators, and communities partnering as agents of change to design:

Classrooms that empower
Schools that adapt
Systems that liberate

Learning should make the world better


We believe students will be successful when learning:

  • Leverages their identities and interests as strengths
  • Promotes positive academic mindsets
  • Nurtures thinking skills
  • Supports independence and self-direction
  • Encourages meaningful applications of knowledge

What we do


Professional Development

Knowledge-building workshops leveraging research-based approaches


Professional Learning Communities

Small group deep dives into implementation strategies, successes, & challenges


Teacher & Leader Coaching

1-on-1 sessions focused on goal setting, planning, implementation, & reflection


School Improvement Teams

Teams of diverse stakeholders convening to analyze data & set school priorities


Student-centered Data

Leveraging student feedback to identify root causes of outcome & opportunity gaps


Community Educators

Training community members in purpose-driven roles in and outside of schools

"I used to think this type of work may take a long time to move the needle but I've already seen very productive and great adjustments being made that truly help our kids."

- Principal, Norwood, MA

"By facilitating with love and instilling hope, the Throughline Learning team has impacted teacher conversations, instructional practices, and student experiences. It's some of the best work I've undertaken."

- School Leader, New York, NY

"I am so grateful for the authenticity and care that Throughline Learning team members brought to our group. Strategies and takeaways from our time have immediately been implemented, made me realize where I can continue to grow, and truly allowed me to embrace my role with a renewed sense of purpose and passion."

- Teacher, Cranston, RI

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