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Throughline Learning's partnerships strengthen the student experience as a catalyst for positive, sustainable school change. Our goal is to create classrooms where students with diverse identities, learning profiles, and strengths believe in their academic potential and apply their learning in meaningful, relevant ways that make their world better.

Our Services

Supporting educators to improve student experiences


Strategy-Based Professional Learning Communities

PLCs convene cohorts of teachers or leaders for collaborative, facilitated sessions and personalized follow-up coaching. Cohorts may focus on specific grade levels, subject areas, special student populations (special education or multilingual learners), or school-wide priorities.

Teacher PLCs incorporate 1-2 culturally responsive strategies selected in partnership with school leaders. Teachers implement strategies and reflect on successes, challenges, and next steps.


Leader PLCs support continuous improvement efforts, strategic planning, instructional rounds, and replication & scale. The format uses a consultancy protocol to collectively problem solve and action plan.


When teachers participate in our Strategy-Based PLCs, their students show statistically significant growth on reading and math scores (2023 Annual Report)

“The instructional strategies and resources are fantastic, and the space to share, plan, and learn collaboratively with my colleagues is invaluable.” — SY23 Participant

PLCs convening elementary special education teachers supported an increase in the percentage of students with IEPs in the high growth category on the STAR assessment by 16% in one year (2023 Annual Report)



Our 1-on-1 coaching sessions focus on planning, goal-setting, implementation, and reflection, tailored to the individual strengths and needs of teachers and leaders.

Teacher Coaching meets participants where they are and supports strategy implementation through co-planning, modeling, observation, reflection, impact analysis, and next steps.


Leader Coaching offers participants resources and strategies to support instructional leadership, organization, consensus-building, communication, and problem-solving in response to school context and conditions.


“Our Throughline Learning coach helped us refine data analysis practices and develop more supports to help teachers with instruction. Despite pandemic related challenges there have been so many successes for us this year.” — Assistant Principal, Newport Public Schools (2022 Annual Report)


Professional Development Sessions

Professional development sessions offer participants a shared learning experience to build knowledge and develop a common language around culturally responsive instruction. Centered on our 4 research-based instructional domains, content allows leaders the opportunity to align with school or district priorities and encourages teachers to implement strategies in their classrooms.


85% of PD participants report high levels of satisfaction, engagement, and strategy implementation (2022 Annual Report)

"Throughline Learning's professional learning is right in sync with our district's needs. Through their support, each year, more of our staff have been bringing these strategies to their classrooms to benefit our students." — Assistant Superintendent, Norwood Public Schools


Student-Centered Data

Our validated Student Experience Survey (SES) measures student perceptions of belonging, academic confidence, cognitive skills, and engagement. Survey responses are disaggregated by gender, race, learning profile, and free or reduced-price lunch (FRPL) status and help teachers strengthen student-centered learning environments. Improving student learning experiences and self-perceptions leads to stronger academic and attendance outcomes.


"Students who rated themselves lower on questions like 'I can do well on all my classwork, even when it’s difficult' also had lower growth and proficiency on MAP (measures of academic progress) assessments. It may seem obvious that students need a sense of belonging and self-confidence in order to be academically successful, but survey results helped us intentionally put those conditions in place before moving to academic interventions." — Stephanie Garcia, Instructional Equity Partner, Throughline Learning (2023 Annual Report)

“Student Experience Survey results have really opened my eyes to how my students are feeling about their learning.” — Educator, Central Falls School District (2023 Annual Report)


Strategic Capacity-Building

Throughline Learning resources and frameworks support capacity building and strategic planning across a range of multi-faceted projects. Looking to extend your research by building on a foundation of research, collaboration, equity, and inquiry? Connect with us to learn more.

Partnership Examples

  • Framework Development: Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE)
  • High School Redesign: Newport, RI
  • Professional Development: GreatSchools’ Transforming High School Project
  • Curriculum Development: Providence Children’s Museum
  • Learning Pods to Address Chronic Absenteeism: Central Falls School District
  • Tutoring & Mentorship Projects


"Your strong facilitation and content development clearly demonstrate that you have internalized the goals and vision of this project. It is so exciting to already hear positive feedback on the project from our stakeholders." — Senior Educator Assessment & Policy Coordinator, DESE

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